My Journey with Depression

I am writing here after ages. I was out of touch with everything, and almost everyone. Reason? Depression.

Depression~ The word that we throw around so easily nowadays. I battled it for almost all of this year. There were little, unnoticeable changes at first, and then, as if out of the blue, a dark black cloud ate me up.

It all started in the first half of this year, and my biggest mistake was that I was constantly in a state of denial. How was I supposed to tell my family how I felt? How could I tell them that I was feeling dead? Especially when they all thought I was happy. HAPPIEST! So I just kept this scary secret to myself. And then, I lied to myself by justifying my situation, and that it was okay to be unhappy. This feeling will go away. It didn’t.
I didn’t speak up. I knew I was constantly making the wrong decisions for myself and kicked myself up, down, left and right for it. And I did that for months together. So imagine what that does to your psyche over time and your general attitude towards life. Not good.

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Holi Hai(cks) !

Hello everyone!

Firstly, sorry for the headline pun ( I am usually bad with them, but my friends and family love my bad puns. LOL) . Secondly, HAPPY HOLI!!  I remember as a kid, I used to play like crazy with my cousins and that child is still alive in me. The vibrant colours, running after your friends/family members to smear the colours on their face, gorging on Indian sweets and last but not the least, the tired and peaceful nap post Holi, everything about this festival calls out to me.


So, today I am going to pen down a few Holi hacks which work miraculously for me.

Disclaimer: If you’re one of those who put only dots of colour on each other for the sake of clicking pictures (like I did for my blog post), then this post is useless for you. But if you’re like me who plays with everything; starting from ‘gulaal’ to eggs, then read on! Continue reading

Are You Unattractive?

Let’s start by playing a game. Name a few qualities/features of yours which you find attractive.

If you named more than four, you’re doing incredible, my friend. And if you named less than that, this post is for you.

Having beneficial qualities or features that are appealing to the senses is what you term as “attractive”. When one person conveys something good about yourself, it’s easy to let it replay through your mind a few times and let yourself soak in the words for a bit. When a person tells you something ill about yourself, it’s even easier to let yourself succumb to the replays and be drenched in fear that the negative words said against you are true. This happens to the best of us( me too!) and no one is ever entirely free from feeling this way, especially when the words come from someone we know.

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Favourite Face Masks

Hello world,

I love,love,loooove face masks.

Nothing makes me happier than lying on my bed with the AC on, letting all my pores open with some steam and then putting a mask on. There is something so rewarding and therapeutic about slathering rich, creamy masks and sticky sheets drenched in serums on your tired skin after a strenuous day of long lectures at college. 😛


Now, I am in no shortage of masks (let me tell you) but I have a few that I have been reaching of loads lately. Since I already did review my favourite Sephora and Innisfree sheet masks, I will tell you what my favourite cream based masks are in this post. So here they are:

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment (1600/- INR)

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Review On Derma Essentia’s Products

Hello, world!

As most of you know already, having a list of holy grails skincare products is above anything else to me. Everything looks nearly flawless on a good and clear skin; and to achieve that, you need patience, willpower, water and some amazing products.

Today’s blog post is a sponsored one. No, I don’t accept all the collaborations that come my way. I always try the products and put it out for you guys, only after I am satisfied with it. I can never lose the trust that you all have for me. ❤

Last week, I received this beautiful package by the brand Derma Essentia. Firstly, let us take a moment to appreciate the packaging. It is so classy and neat, that you can easily consider gifting this to your loved ones(You can see how the box looks here). It also came with three cards, two of which had their products described, and one of them was a handwritten note which was so sweet. I love such efforts.


I received two products by them-

  •  Derma Essentia Anti-Ageing Defence Vitamin C Serum
  • Derma Essentia Advanced SPF 50 PA+++

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